DIY: beaches in a jar

It’s safe to say that the best days of summer are gone and fall is already here. Summer holidays have ended and everyone is headed back to school, college or work. As I know many of you might have been visiting some great beaches throughout the holidays, I wanted to share this DIY project I did a few weeks ago.

Even though you’ll find many different „beaches in a jar“ projects on Pinterest etc., I still wanted to show you how I did it, because this is one of the easiest and prettiest DIY’s I did.

My main reason for thinking about these beaches in a jar is my moms obsession with bringing sand from every beach we visited on our vacations. We basically had these bags of sand at home which needed to be decorated in some way, so I made that my project this summer (as I didn’t get out of the house due to an amazing management exam I had to take).

So if you’re looking for an easy way to put your memories from your last summer vacation on display, I definitely think those beaches in a jar are perfect.

All you need is:

glass containers

paper tags

different ribbons

and the sand (and seashells) from your summer vacation

I started with filling the sand into my jars and adding the seashells and other little finds from the beach on top of it. To decorate the jars I chose some ribbon and a cord to tie around them. As I wanted to put the jars into my bathroom (which is basically decorated in a blue & white beach theme), I went with those colors.

After I tied the bows around the jars, I took the tags and put the different locations of where I got the sand from on them. I added information like the name of the beach, the place and of course I wrote down when I visited the beaches.

Finally I tied the tags onto the ribbons around the jars.

And voilà… beaches in a jar!

By the way: You can easily switch out the sand for other souvenirs from your vacation (like stones etc.) to match your decorations at home. I also found some projects on Pinterest where people put photos into the jars and thought that might look cute as well!

Have fun!




DIY Leave in Conditioner {summertime hair refresher}

Leave in treatments are well integrated products in my (summer) hair routine (read why here). I like the simplicity of how you apply them without having to worry to wash anything out. I go through so many different bottles of leave in treatments, that I wanted to find a way to make my own. When thinking about different products to use, I figured that I wanted to make a leave in treatment from things I already had. So I came up with this easy-to-make leave in conditioner made from a sample size conditioner. Enjoy!

For this DIY leave in Conditioner you’ll need:

an empty spray bottle

2 teaspoons of conditioner (I simply used a sample size conditioner my hairstylist gave me because those samples are stacking up in my drawers and I wanted to use them in some kind of way)


Now that you have your materials ready, simply scoop your conditioner into the bottle and fill it up with water, leaving a bit of space to the very top of the bottle. Now tightly screw the bottle top on and give your bottle a good shake so that the conditioner and water can mix together.

… and voilà you’re done!

I usually apply my leave in conditioner whenever my hair gets dry, which mostly happens during the summertime. So whenever I realize my hair is starting to dry out in some places (usually the ends), I spray those areas with the leave in conditioner and brush through the hair with a very dense brush, to evenly distribute the product.

Now that summer is upon us, I like to keep my leave in conditioner right beside me at the pool to keep my hair hydrated throughout the day. During the summer I never worry about using too much of the leave in conditioner and wasting it because it’s a DIY one and therefore very cheap to make, so be generous when using it.

I hope this post helped you out with finding a new (DIY) product you might want to try.

Have fun and enjoy your pool days.