DIY Leave in Conditioner {summertime hair refresher}

Leave in treatments are well integrated products in my (summer) hair routine (read why here). I like the simplicity of how you apply them without having to worry to wash anything out. I go through so many different bottles of leave in treatments, that I wanted to find a way to make my own. When thinking about different products to use, I figured that I wanted to make a leave in treatment from things I already had. So I came up with this easy-to-make leave in conditioner made from a sample size conditioner. Enjoy!

For this DIY leave in Conditioner you’ll need:

an empty spray bottle

2 teaspoons of conditioner (I simply used a sample size conditioner my hairstylist gave me because those samples are stacking up in my drawers and I wanted to use them in some kind of way)


Now that you have your materials ready, simply scoop your conditioner into the bottle and fill it up with water, leaving a bit of space to the very top of the bottle. Now tightly screw the bottle top on and give your bottle a good shake so that the conditioner and water can mix together.

… and voilà you’re done!

I usually apply my leave in conditioner whenever my hair gets dry, which mostly happens during the summertime. So whenever I realize my hair is starting to dry out in some places (usually the ends), I spray those areas with the leave in conditioner and brush through the hair with a very dense brush, to evenly distribute the product.

Now that summer is upon us, I like to keep my leave in conditioner right beside me at the pool to keep my hair hydrated throughout the day. During the summer I never worry about using too much of the leave in conditioner and wasting it because it’s a DIY one and therefore very cheap to make, so be generous when using it.

I hope this post helped you out with finding a new (DIY) product you might want to try.

Have fun and enjoy your pool days.




Crazy about Coconut Oil

The hype about Coconut Oil has been reaching its way through the Internet for quite a while now and I’m one of its many victims. I first tried Coconut Oil about one year ago and have not stopped using it ever since. Instead, I’ve been discovering a lot of ways of using this miraculous oil. As I find that Coconut Oil truly is a necessary product to involve in your beauty routine, I wanted to give a quick breakdown on the ways I’ve been loving it for myself.


To be honest, there is no greater thing to use on your hair than coconut oil. As much as I love fancy hair masks, sprays and more, I can’t live without my savior from the organic grocery store anymore.

I mainly use coconut oil as a deep repair mask. As a plant oil coconut oil contains a lot of lauric acid, which provides a lot of moisture, which is exactly what you want for your hair. And as my hair currently is extremely dry, I can’t get enough of coconut. The longer the oil sits on the hair the deeper it can sink in, causing it to work even better as opposed to removing it after a short time. Therefore I use coconut oil in the evening and let it sit overnight, so that the coconut oil benefits have about 8 hours to spread. My easy way to use it is melting 2-3 big spoons of coconut oil in the microwave (make sure the oil doesn’t get too hot, that would damage your hair). Then I start massaging it into the roots of my hair, taking my time with this. A good head massage can stimulate hair growth, which is great. After my roots are done, I cover my lengths and ends in oil. As I’m going to sleep with the oil on my hair, I protect my pillow by wrapping an old T shirt around my head. I don’t use towels for this, because the fabric of a T shirt is more gentle on the hair. In the morning I shampoo my hair twice, just to make sure the whole oil comes off. I do this about twice a week.

I’ve come to realize, that coconut oil really does a difference in how your hair looks and feels. Since using the oil my hair got a lot stronger and also softer. Also, I have a slight phobia that oils would make my hair greasy, which is absolutely not the case with coconut oil – huge plus right here! Overall I wouldn’t want to pass on using coconut oil on my hair anymore because it’s super easy to use and helps with protecting my hair in a natural way.


I always had very sensitive skin and unfortunately it’s also on the dry side. The combination of these two thing really restricts me in my search for a good product to use on my skin. As coconut oil is an all natural product, I asked myself what could go wrong if I used it all over my body and gave it a try. It didn’t need much time to convince me, because my skin doesn’t only get irritated by it at all – it also feels super soft and hydrated. To treat my skin with coconut oil I only use a little bit of it, melt it a bit between my fingers and then slather my body, especially the parts that get super dry, with it. Using coconut oil as a skincare product provides hydration, awesome smell and an overall healthy feeling.


Another usage for coconut oil can be found in oral hygiene. The method is called oil pulling and has been used by the alternative medicine scene for ages now. Coconut oil is supposed to kill any oral bacteria. All you need to do for oil pulling is taking a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning, put it in your mouth and swish it around (just like mouthwash) for 20 minutes. I haven’t tried this method for a very long period of time, because I usually don’t have an extra 20 minutes in the morning. But still I would recommend trying oil pulling, because I always find it interesting to try new methods, especially when it comes to alternative healing options.

Have fun experimenting with coconut oil!


Annie ❤