DIY Leave in Conditioner {summertime hair refresher}

Leave in treatments are well integrated products in my (summer) hair routine (read why here). I like the simplicity of how you apply them without having to worry to wash anything out. I go through so many different bottles of leave in treatments, that I wanted to find a way to make my own. When thinking about different products to use, I figured that I wanted to make a leave in treatment from things I already had. So I came up with this easy-to-make leave in conditioner made from a sample size conditioner. Enjoy!

For this DIY leave in Conditioner you’ll need:

an empty spray bottle

2 teaspoons of conditioner (I simply used a sample size conditioner my hairstylist gave me because those samples are stacking up in my drawers and I wanted to use them in some kind of way)


Now that you have your materials ready, simply scoop your conditioner into the bottle and fill it up with water, leaving a bit of space to the very top of the bottle. Now tightly screw the bottle top on and give your bottle a good shake so that the conditioner and water can mix together.

… and voilà you’re done!

I usually apply my leave in conditioner whenever my hair gets dry, which mostly happens during the summertime. So whenever I realize my hair is starting to dry out in some places (usually the ends), I spray those areas with the leave in conditioner and brush through the hair with a very dense brush, to evenly distribute the product.

Now that summer is upon us, I like to keep my leave in conditioner right beside me at the pool to keep my hair hydrated throughout the day. During the summer I never worry about using too much of the leave in conditioner and wasting it because it’s a DIY one and therefore very cheap to make, so be generous when using it.

I hope this post helped you out with finding a new (DIY) product you might want to try.

Have fun and enjoy your pool days.




4 Ways to Safer Summer Hair

No matter how much of a summer girl I might be, there’s always this one thing annoying me during that time: my hair. It’s getting too hot and sweaty and most of all it dries out. Over the past couple of years I taught myself some ways to save my hair from getting damaged by the sun, chlorine and more summer side effects. I figured to do a blog post about my tricks, because I am pretty sure that I’m not the only one suffering from bad summer hair.


My first trick to prevent summer hair damages is to protect your hair with a sunscreen. Try to put one a hat, a cute bandana or a snapback to hide your hair from the damaging sun rays. Also, I discovered a new L’Oreal UV protect spray which is great if you don’t want to put on any kind of hat (I also mentioned that spray in my last Loving Lately Post). Just apply the spray all over your head to keep your hair protected.

On a side note, summer sun rays can also have a good side. When I was still dyeing my hair blonde and therefore always have been on a constant struggle to go lighter and lighter, I used to get my roots out in the sun as much as possible to help them lighten naturally. So if you’re getting blonde highlights at the salon try to skip your sessions in the summertime and simply use the sun rays to lighten the roots naturally. A little trick: If you apply a bit of lemon juice all over your hair or your roots and go out in the sun, the juice will help the hair to get even lighter.


Ever since I’ve been a small child I’ve been a total pool junkie. I would literally spend my whole summertime swimming and playing in the pool – great times! But as I grew older and my interests in all things beauty grew, I got very careful when it comes to swimming, just because I learned how bad the chlorine in swimming pools can be for your hair. The chlorine will not only dry your hair out, it will also turn any dyed hair into some crazy shades like green. To prevent that, I recommend washing the chlorine out of your hair immediately once you get out of the pool. Just hop under a shower, rinse your hair with clean water and you’re good to go.

Braid Away

A little first world problem coming your way: There’s nothing worse that having long hair in the summertime. It’s getting everywhere and all you want to do is put it in a huge, tight messy bun just to get it away. I know the struggle. But as summer hair is so weak due to constant aggressions of chlorine, sun and more, putting it in a tight bun or ponytail will make it even more likely to break.

Instead of buns, try to do different braids, as those are way healthier for your hair. Plus: you get super cute, beachy waves when you unravel the braids. Lately I’ve been going for all type of braided crowns or french braids as I can tuck those under the hair and pin them there to get rid of them.

Leave in Treatments

My go to hair savior in the summertime is a good leave in treatment. Whether it’s a good hair oil, hair milk or a leave in conditioner. I always have one of those options on hand. My hair gets really dry in the summertime so any conditioning treatment helps with that. I like to apply those products throughout the day whenever any ends are getting too dry just to nourish them a bit. My current favorite leave in treatments are the L’Oreal oil magique: a mixture of some good oils like Argan Oil and more, the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner and my DIY leave in conditioner, which I will show you how to do it in my next blog post.

I hope my little tricks helped you a bit. Let me know if you have any other ideas or tips you might use yourself to protect your hair in the summer.