Passion Fruit & Peppermint Spritzer (fresh, easy and non-alcoholic)

Recently I sadly had to realize that my favourite Asian Food place had to make way for a Dunkin Donuts shop, which is really bad because they probably had the best food in town. However the thing I loved the most about that restaurant was their Passion Fruit and Peppermint Spritzer, which I now tried to recreate. Obviously I’m still missing their amazing mango curry and jasmin rice, but this fresh drink makes up for the delicious food a tiny little bit.


passion fruit juice

sparkling water

crushed ice

fresh peppermint leaves

As I weren’t too sure about how this drink was created, I just experimented a little wit the ingredients. I layered the clean peppermint leaves and the crushed ice and filled the glass up with half of sparkling water and half of passion fruit juice. If you like your Spritzer a bit mroe on the sweeter side simply add a little more juice than water, or if you tend to find drinks too sweet, add more water than juice.

As this Spritzer is non-alcoholic it makes the perfect daytime refresher if you’re feeling a little fancy or want to try something new.


Enjoy ❤


Vegan Virgin Colada Smoothie

Lately I’ve been  into all kinds of smoothies and experimenting with different fruits, but the smoothie I always go back to is this vegan virgin colada smoothie. I decided to try out a vegan and daytime appropriate version of my all time favourite cocktail, the piña colada, and this is what I came up with.


You’ll need:

– half a pinapple, the sweeter the better

– a banana for sweetness

– 1 cup of coconut milk

– 1/2 cup of orange juice

– coconut flakes

– optional: protein powder, ice cubes / crushed ice

(makes about 3 servings)


Step 1

Start off by cutting off the leaves and the botton of the pineapple.

Next, with a big knife, cut off the sides of the pineapple.

Lastly, with a small knife, poke it underneath the small brown spots on the pineapple, twist the knife a bit and pull out the brown spots.

When using a fresh pineapple, the cutting probably is the most time consuming step, so if you’re in a hurry I suggest to find a pre cut pineapple or even frozen pineapple pieces.


Step 2

Now cut around the center of the pineapple with the larger knife to get the fruit off from the hard center part. Then cut the fruit in small pieces.

When done, seal half of the cut pineapple in a box to save it up and put the other half in your blender.


Step 3

Now cut up your banana into small pieces and throw it in your blender as well.


Step 4

Now pour one cup of coconut milk and half a cup of orange juice into your blender. If you drink your smoothie instead of eating breakfast, or want to enjoy it as a snack you can also add some scoops of protein powder (I like the ones with vanilla flavor) or some coconut flakes. If you want to enjoy your smoothie ice cold, either throw some ice cubes in the blender or serve it on crushed ice.


Step 5

Blend your ingredients with your blender on maximum power (or the smoothie function if your blender has one) together until you’re left with smoooth and creamy texture.


Step 6

Pour your smoothie in some glasses and add some coconut flakes for decoration.


Enjoy ♥