Don’t lose face {6 Tips to on how to make your make up last longer}

I always envied girls, whose make up looked perfectly throughout the entire day, because I was never able to figure out the key to a flawless, durable make up look. For a short period of time I tried to fight my problem with using the cake face strategy – aka simply putting more and more make up on during the day. Luckily I’m now over that point in my life and ready to share my tricks about what I do to get the longest wear out of my make up. I’m by no means a professional make up artist, but those tips I share are simply my own opinions and experiences, which have worked wonders for me. I hope some of the ideas might help you a little bit. Enjoy!

1. Prep your Canvas

by exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. I use a daily peeling facewash right before I start applying my makeup. This helps removing any dirt, cleans out the pores and therefore makes the skin smoother. I then apply a very rich, moisturizing creme. By combining the exfoliator and moisturizer, the skin gets freshly evened out so that the makeup can easily glide on the surface. This will make a huge difference in how long your make up is going to stay on the skin. If you suffer from clogged pores or acne, try to get facials every once in a while to let your skin get smoother.

shown below: Garnier 3 in 1 face wash, peeling and mask and L’Oreal Hydra Active 3 daily creme

2. Prime baby, Prime!

There are two main reasons why you should wear a primer underneath a full face of make up. A) If you have oily skin, you will notice how your make up simply bleeds off during the day. A special primer for oily skin will help mattifiying it, causing your make up to stay on longer. And B) If you have dry skin, like I do, you will notice that your make up clings to dry patches on your face, which makes it crack up sometimes. Therefore I use a silicone based primer, to smooth out the pores and dry patches so that my make up can stay on longer. Usually I try to stay away from silicones, especially when it comes to my skin. That’s why I don’t use primers on a daily basis, but if I’m going for a night out or another special occasion, I give in to them, because they help a lot with giving an overall smother finish and support the makeup in staying on the skin longer .

shown below: MUA Make Up Academy Pro Base Primer

3. Cream Bases 

Over the time that I’ve been gaining more knowledge about make up, I found that using cream bases for the individual steps in make up application makes a huge difference in how long everything will stay on. That’s why I try to find cream bases for steps like contouring and set them with a special powder. For example I use the Maybelline Fit Me stick to carve out my cheekbones and later on set that contour with a powder bronzer. The same goes for highlighted areas of the face. I use a very light cream concealer to get a highlight and later on set it with a very light highlighted powder. Using the combination of cream and powder products does not only intensify the results, it also helps to lock everything in so nothing moves around on the face during the day.

shown below: Catrice Cosmetics Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder (Medium) and Maybelline Fit Me Stick in 315 Soft Honey / Miel

4. Powder Power

Using a powder to set your make up will almost make it indestructible. Honestly, no (longwearing) foundation will stay on nearly as long as when set with a powder. Therefore I use a translucent powder to set my foundation and concealer. When doing this, I try not to drag my powder brush over my face, instead I dab the brush into the powder and then rather press it into the skin. Dragging the brush over the face will cause your make up to move, which you want to avoid. As opposed to this, pressing the powder into the skin will help make your make up to stay in place.

shown below: Drugstore translucent powder

5. You can look, but don’t touch!

I’ve always had a weird urge to constantly touching my face, I don’t even know why. But as I realized this made my skin breaking out all the time, because I was non stop transferring bacteria onto it. That’s why I trained myself to avoid touching my face during the day. It was shortly after, that I realized how that made the biggest difference in how long my make up would actually stay on my skin. Which makes sense, because not touching your face means you’re not removing any of the make up. That’s why I have this little rule which allows me to look at my make up in a mirror, to see if it needs to be touched up or anything, but there’s no touching allowed.

6. Little helpers inside the purse

I can’t stand to carry a big make up bag with me all the time, but because I’m paranoid about my make up I end up doing it anyway most of the time. But when going out and I don’t have a lot of space in my purse I try to only bring the essentials which for me are a lipstick / lipgloss and an eyeliner. Those are the two things which will rub off despite anything you try to make them stay on. I luckily have dry skin, so I don’t get to oily. But if you’re more on the oily side I would suggest to bring a little powder or blotting papers to remove any shine. Simply carry these essentials with you anytime you’re on the go to make sure you look put together.

shown below: Kiko Smart Lipstick in 902 Pastel Pink and Catrice Cosmetics Kohl Kajal in 140 Chocwaves


Annie ❤


One thought on “Don’t lose face {6 Tips to on how to make your make up last longer}

  1. This was a really comprehensive guide. Love hat you included the cream based tip as my blush is always gone before the day is through. New follower! Would love a follow back 🙂

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