Exciting News!

Finally, after 7 months, I’m allowed to share some exciting news with my lovely readers. This post ist targeted especially at my German followers, I’m just writing in English so nobody feels left out 😉

Anyways, let’s get started! During November of last year, the beauty company Cosnova (you will most likely know it as the head of the beauty brands Essence & Catrice) reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in working with them on a special project they’ve been planning. I finally just got the OK to release further details, so here they come:

Cosnovas brand Essence and the Author Catharina Geiselhart have been working on a beauty and styling book which will be released this August. This book will contain a lot of tips and tricks on topics as beauty and fashion. Also, they got a couple of bloggers, including me, to create some DIY, makeup or fashion tutorials for their book.

The book will deal with questions like what to wear with which body shape, what the perfect outfit for a first date would be and more. Overall it’s going to be a fun little book for girls who want to stay up to date in all things beauty & fashion.

My part in this project was to create a fun DIY tutorial with a special topic. I had so much fun doing this project, because only had the topic of the DIY project given and was allowed to let my creativity work. If you want to see this special DIY I did, get yourself a copy of the book.. 🙂

It will be available from August 11th on at a price of 8,95€. And by buying the book you’ll also do something for charity: As the book is partly publsihed by Essence, they’re donating their part of the proceeds to a project of some dedicated young people who support grade schoolers with their school work, without taking money for it.

I think this is an awesome cause and find it’s always easy to do something good when it’s connected with doing something fun, like learning new beauty tricks!



Annie ❤


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