Loving Lately #2 {Hair Care, current favourite lip combo & more}

Sadly I didn’t make it to publish a Loving Lately post last month, because I’ve been super busy. First I took a trip to Paris and then the semester started which always means the total stress breakout (books to read, speeches to write and so on). But I finally found time to sit down to think about my current favourite products and here they are. Enjoy!

Catrice Absolute Bright Eyeshadow Palette

I bought this eyeshadow palette a few weeks back and didn’t touch it for quite a while, because I didn’t come up with any ideas how to use it. But after swatching the colours and experimenting with different combinations I fell in love with the eyeshadows. A) They’re very pigmented, which is important with such light colours if you wan’t them to show up on the skin. B) I feel like they can make any eye colour pop because they’re indeed, like the name of the palette indicates, extremely bright.

Currently I’ve been blending the yellow and light pink shade together for everyday use and for a little more intense look I’ve been applying one of the colours to the entire lid and blended a darker brown shade into the crease to define everything a little more.

L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Series {moisture formula}

When it comes to hair care I’m usually not that picky, because my hair doesn’t respond to fancy hair care products anyways. But recently I had to discover that there’s one hair care line that in fact does have an impact on how my hair feels and looks and that is the L’Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate-Free Color Care System with the formula for moisture.

I’m growing out my blonde hair for over a year now and therefore am in a state of hair detox, which means: NO colour touch ups at all, and that already since March of last year. Ever since this hair detox journey I’ve come to realize that my hair gets healthier and healthier. Well at least the newly grown parts. The grown out dyed parts however tend to get really dry and brassy which is no wonder at all, because they haven’t been re-coloured for over a year now. But with using this L’Oreal hair care series including the shampoo & conditioner, the deep repair masque, a leave in treatment and a UV-protection spray I’m in really good hands. {I will try to get a hair care post up on the blog asap, in which I explain in depth why and how I use which product}

Catrice blush in Apropos Apricot

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for all Catrice blushes. I have every single shade available, because I can’t get enough of them. For spring and summer I love really bright pink shades as well as pretty apricot shades. Because I’ve been wearing a lot of light shades (pastels like in the Catrice Absolute Bright) in my eye make up, I need something fresh on my cheeks as well. Catrice Apropos Apricot blush is just perfect for this. It may look really bright in the pan but it looks so soft and fresh on the skin. Also it’s super easy to blend so if you once get too much product on your cheeks you can easily soften it out.

Maybelline Fit Me stick in Soft Honey / Miel (315)

My favourite part of doing my makeup is contouring. It does the biggest difference and therefore I’m always on the hunt for new contour products. I’ve been hearing a lot of great thing about the Maybelline Fit Me sticks not as a foundation but as a cream contour product. I’m using the shade 315 Soft Honey / Miel to carve out my cheekbones, line my nose and add some depth on my forehead and jawline. After blending everything in and adding a translucent powder and use my Sleek Contour kit or a regular bronzer to set the contour lines in place.

KIKO Smart lipstick in 910 and NYX butter gloss in Merengue

For every time of the year there’s this one lip colour I can’t live without. In the summertime I live in bright shades like pink and orange but also like to do a very girly sweet lip in a light pink shade. I discovered the KIKO smart lipstick in the shade 910 a while back and knew it was going to be my go to summer shade. But as a always wear two lip products on top of each other I’ve been looking for a perfect match. As the hype for the NYX butter glosses are intense I went out to try them and of course fell for them. I found that the shade Merengue is a close match to my KIKO lipstick so I’m topping them on one another. I Love both products A) because of their awesome smell, B) they both taste like vanilla (not joking, it’s true!) and C) the colours are oh so pretty.


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