DIY: Charming Chain Headpiece

Ready for a new DIY post? Then keep on reading! 🙂

Chain head pieces have been a thing for quite a while now (look at all the Coachella babes rocking one headpiece prettier than the next one), and as I experimented with DIY-ing one myself a while back, I thought why not do it for my blog, as this is the space to share my favourite projects.

On some days I have a little boho vibe going on so I need my accessories to match this feeling. A chain headpiece gives an instant boho touch while still looking feminine and chic. And it’s super easy to make!


You’ll need

A dainty chain (I got mine from the craft store and bought it by the metre): Pre-cut your chain pieces in 3 smaller pieces (27cm), these will be the parts going around the head and your parting to hold the headpiece onto your head. Next cut four larger strips of chain, two with about 29cm length and another two with about 31cm length. You’ll need these to create the loose hangings of your headpiece.

Two jump rings (I didn’t go out to buy some so I just clipped of two chain elements of a larger chain I didn’t need anymore)

A charm of your choice (I went with one I took off a necklace of mine and because I found it a bit too plain, I added nail polish in blue and purple to make it prettier)

Pliers to open and close the jump rings


First open one of the jump rings and put the three smaller chain pieces (27cm) on it.


Next, add the 29cm pieces to the left and right of the chains.


Now take the largest chain pieces (31cm) and add them to the left and right of your middle pieces.

Make sure nothing get tangled, so it doesn’t get messed up.


Hang your charm into the jump ring and close the ring with your pliers.


Now open the second jump ring and add all of your chains in there in the right positions, so it will lay out like shown below. When everything sits right, close the jump ring and you’re good to go.


This headpiece will look so pretty with maxi skirts, loose shirts, bikinis and messy waves in the hair. I really can’t wait fo summer to bloom so I can go fully boho and wear this headpiece out.


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