Passion Fruit & Peppermint Spritzer (fresh, easy and non-alcoholic)

Recently I sadly had to realize that my favourite Asian Food place had to make way for a Dunkin Donuts shop, which is really bad because they probably had the best food in town. However the thing I loved the most about that restaurant was their Passion Fruit and Peppermint Spritzer, which I now tried to recreate. Obviously I’m still missing their amazing mango curry and jasmin rice, but this fresh drink makes up for the delicious food a tiny little bit.


passion fruit juice

sparkling water

crushed ice

fresh peppermint leaves

As I weren’t too sure about how this drink was created, I just experimented a little wit the ingredients. I layered the clean peppermint leaves and the crushed ice and filled the glass up with half of sparkling water and half of passion fruit juice. If you like your Spritzer a bit mroe on the sweeter side simply add a little more juice than water, or if you tend to find drinks too sweet, add more water than juice.

As this Spritzer is non-alcoholic it makes the perfect daytime refresher if you’re feeling a little fancy or want to try something new.


Enjoy ❤


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