Blue & White Porcelain inspired Nail Art

I felt a little inspired by some pretty blue & white patterned porcelain and decided to copy it onto my nails. As i didn’t want a pattern overload, I only put the pattern on my ring finger and thumb, but now as I’m looking at the finished manicure I feel like the pattern would’ve looked even better and delicate if I had put it on all of my nails. However I still love how this Nail Art turned out!

What you’ll need:

– White nail polish (I used one from Manhattan as my “Blanc” by Essie is currently empty)

– two different shades of blue polish (I used “cool and the gang” by Essence as the darker shade and “absolutely blue” also by Essence as my lighter shade)

– your favourite top coat (I went with the “quick dry & high shine” topcoat by Catrice)

– a dotting tool with two different sizes or a toothpick/ needle/ bobby pin


Step 1

First off, paint all nails with a solid white polish.


Step 2

Next paint to large strips on thetip of your nail with the lighter polish, creating kind of a heart shape.

After this has dried, paint the same shape but a little smaller onto it with the darker blue polish.


Step 3

With the darker blue polish and the smaller side of the dotting, dot around the shape you just created.

Then dip the larger side of the dotting tool in your white polish and put some dots inside of the darker blue shape.


Step 4

Add your top coat when everything has completly dried, so that the design doesn’t get ruined.


That’s it..! If you want, add the design on as many nails as you’d like.

By the way, doesn’t this manicure match my DIY embellished phone case perfectly ?


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