DIY: Embellished Phone Case

Ever since I got this 10 piece pack of phone cases I wanted to do some kind of DIY with them but just didn’t have the time until now. I really like how it turned out, because I like embellished phone cases but the ready ones in store just aren’t my type.


You’ll need

phone case (I went for white)

rhinestones in different forms and sizes (I chose different hues of blue because I really liked the contrast between blue shades and the white of the phone case)



Step 1

Start laying your rhinestones onto the back of your phone case, not glueing them yet. When you’re satisfied with the design snap a picture of it (so you don’t forget it) and remove the stones. I went for an ornamental design with alternating between different shades of blue. Seemed appropriate for the upcoming summer season.


Step 2

Now go on to glueing the stones onto the case. Apply just a tiny bit of glue onto the stone and carefully press it onto the case.

Now let everything dry for about 30 minutes to make sure nothing moves around.


…and that’s it!


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