DIY: Pretty Hair Bow

I may be a bit too old to wear hair bows, but sometimes I just have those days I want to be extra girly. That’s why I decided to make a super easy and cute hair bow. Enjoy!


You’ll need

fabric of your choice (I went for a blue and white striped one)

needle & thread (I used a sewing machine, if you prefer hand stitching that will work just as well)


fabric scissors

hair tie or hair clip


Step 1

Cut two rectangular pieces of your fabric. One bigger one and another smaller piece. My big fabric piece was about 15 x 12 cm big, the smaller one was exactly half its size.


Step 2

Now that you have your pieces ready, start folding the bigger one in half so that the right side of the pattern is facing inwards. Then pin the open sides shut.

Now sew the open sides together whilst leaving a 2-3 cm gap open. You will need that later on. Then repeat the same steps on the smaller piece of fabric (fold it – pin it – sew it).

Sew where the lines are


Step 3

When you’re done, turn both fabric “pocket” inside out, so that the pattern is facing outwards again. Do it by pulling the right side of the fabric through the hole you left while sewing.

You should be left with two “pockets” looking like this:


Step 4

Next, you will start creating the bow. For that take your larger piece of fabric and scrunch it in the middle.

Take your smaller piece of fabric and wrap it around the center of your bow. Make sure that the smaller piece is hiding the hole you left in the big piece. Also try to wrap the smaller piece so that its hole is on the inwards facing side of your bow.

WIth your needle and thread sew the ends of the smaller fabric piece together.


Step 5

Lastly attach your hair tie or clip to your bow. When using a hair tie like I did, simple sew it on the back of your bow. I made another bow on which I used a hair clip, which I attached to the bow by simply sliding it through the back loop of the bow.


..and voilà, your pretty hair bow is done!




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