DIY: Sparkly Statement Necklace

So I wanted to create a fun DIY project for the holiday season / New Years Eve parties. I definetly wanted to incorporate some sparkles, so I came up with this fun sparkly statement necklace. It’s very easy to do and will definetly be an eyecatcher at a chrsitmas or New Years party. Have fun!

You’ll need

piece of (black) felt

sparkly rhinestones in all colours, shapes and sizes


ribbon ( I found this gorgeous red velvet ribbon wich I used but a black satin ribbon would also look pretty)

white chalk or chalk pen

needle & thread


glitter glue (optional & not pictured)

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is to think of the shape your necklace is supposed to be. I took an old necklace I had lying around and simply traced it’s shape onto my piece of felt. When you’re done, cut out your desired shape two times and set one of the pieces aside for later.

Step 2

Now the fun part begins: Start arranging your rhinestones on your piece of felt. Think of any fun designs or let yourself get inspired by anything you’d like. When you’re done finding the perfect design snap a quick picture of it with your phone so you won’t forget how you arranged the rhinestones.

Step 3

Now remove all of the loose rhinestones from your piece of felt and start glueing them onto it. Press them on very tightly so that they really stick to the felt. Keep on glueing until your piece of felt is completly covered in rhinestones. If there are still some black spots showing and you don’t like that, take some mini rhinestones or some glitterglue and fill those blank areas in. If you don’t have any glitterglue a glitter nail polish will also do the trick. But you could also just leave those empty areas as they are.

Step 4

While your necklace dries, take the other piece of felt you set aside earlier. Cut two pieces of your ribbon, long enough so you can easily tie them around your neck later. Sew one piece of ribbon on each side of your piece of felt. If you don’t want to sew anything, just glue the ribbon onto the felt. Just remember that sewing them together will last you a lot longer.

Step 5

When done sewing cover the entire piece of felt you just worked with in glue. Then place your rhinestone part exactly onto your second part so that there is no excess material on the sides. When everything sits perfectly press those two pieces together with some heavy books for about 30 minutes to make sure your necklace is completly dry.

… and voilà your new funky, sparkly statement necklace is finished. Hope you liked this tutorial.


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