DIY: camouflage accent denim shirt

This is probably the easiest DIY project that I’ve ever made, so for everyone who’s not that into sewing and crafting and all tha stuff: tthis is a perfect way to freshen up all those boring old denim shirts lying in the back of your closet.
What we’ll do in this project is basically picking out any fabric wie like (think of the possibilities…!!) and sew this on our shirt’s pockets. You ready? Then let’s begin 😉


You’ll need
denim shirt with pockets
fabric of your choice (I had some camouflage fabric leftover from antother project so I chose this but I definetly think this project would look gorgeous with any kinds of other fabrics for example floral fabrics, or sequin fabric or whatever you like)
needle & thread and / or sewing machine
fabric scissors


Step 1
Start with cutting a piece of fabric that is approximately the size of your pocket, it doesn’t have to be perfect because you’ll fold over the edges anyways.


Step 2
Fold over one edge of your fabric ans start hand sewing it on the upper edge of your shirt’s pocket. Don’t use a sewing machine for this step because that way you would sew the pocket close.


Step 3
One by one fold over the edges of your fabric piece and sew them on your hsirt with your sewing machine. You can of yourse do this by hand if you want by I just figured the sewing machine is a lot faster and easier to handle. When you’re done repeat on your other pocket.
This project doesn’t take much time, only about 30 minutes.



One thought on “DIY: camouflage accent denim shirt

  1. A friend of mine filled me in about your site and I see why they were going on and on about it. It’s not very often that I take out time to comment on blogs but it is so awesome that you really made me! Keep Up The Great Work 🙂

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