Red & White Polka dot and heart manicure

You’ll need

red nail polish

white nail polish (I used ‘blanc’ by Essie because it’s just te perfect white nail polish, believe me)

dotting tool (or DIY your own like me)


Step 1

Paint all your nails with your favourite red nail polish except of the ring finger, paint this one white. Let dry.


Step 2

Dip your dotting tool in the white nail polish and begin dotting small dots on your red nails. I created my own dotting tool by sticking a pin in the rubber side of a pencil, works just fine! 😉


Step 3

Create 3 larger dots with your red nail polish on your ring fingers, take your dotting tool and drag the dots together so that they form a heart.

Clean up the sides of your nails with a q tip & nail polish remover and finish off your manicure with a top coat.


I felt all like Minnie Mouse when I wore this mani, hope you liked it 🙂



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