Product Review: various mascars + false lashes

So today it’s all gonna be about lashes. Putting mascara on is the most important thing for me when it comes to make up, I never leave the house without mascara because I look like a dead person without it and I dond’t wanna shock other people 😉

I’ve been putting make up on my face since I was about 13 and mascara was one of the first products I’ve ever used, and been using ever since. That’s why I thought I’ll just show you some of my current mascara favourites. I also bought a pair of false lashes because I just wanted to try them. 😉

Let’s begin 😉

I did swatches of 5 different mascaras + some of the false lashes.

The mascaras are ( from top to bottom):

lash blast fusion by covergirl

extra-volume collagene mascara by L’ORÉAL PARIS

Big & Beautiful Boom! Volume Mascara in waterproof by ASTOR

Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara by Estée Lauder

lovely doll eyes mascara by p2

the false lashes are from the drugstore

The first 2 pictures are swatches of my eyes without any make up so you’ll see the differences to the other swatches. Also you’ll see wich effect the different mascaras have.

So here you go, the naked truth 😉


Lash Blast Fusion by Covergirl

The Covergirl mascara wand is pretty thick and has very short silicone bristles.

What I like about this mascara is that it seperates each lash from another, which actually doesn’t work with a lot of mascaras. Another good thing about this Covergirl mascara is that it has ultra short bristles which ensures that there is not too much mascara getting on the lashes and therefore it is not that likely for the lashes to stick together.

Extra-Volume Collagene Mascara by L’Oréal Paris

The L’Préal Paris Extra-Volume Collagene Mascara comes with a pretty thick wand with nylon bristles (I believe they are nylon). The bristles are long and sit very tight together.

This L’Oréal mascara would clearly be one of my all time favourites, I’ve been using it for years now and only have switched my mascara a few times since then, it does a really good job:) The only problem I have with it is that there comes soooo much mascara out of the tube and no matter how much you wipe off it, it still sits in between the bristles and comes on your lashes, that often makes my lashes clumps but I can easily fix that by brushing through them with a clean mascara wand 🙂

But still this mascara makes my lashes appear very full, not that long but still full and that’s what I like about it.

Big & Beautiful Boom Volume Mascara by ASTOR

The Big & Beautiful Boom Mascara comes with a huge nylon bristle brush. It’s almost the same wand which the L’Oréal mascara also has, but the ASTOR wand has bristles that are a little more seperated.

As I already said, the bristles on this mascara wand are a little more apart than with the L’Oréal wand which helpd the lashes not to stick as much together as they do with the L’Oréal wand.

After using this ASTOR mascara I have very long & full lashes but the somehow look a bit “spidery” and I don’t like that really much.

I used this mascara for a long time but as soon as I realized it’s Heidi Klum who advertises this mascara I stopped using it. Why? Because she’s stupid as… I mean serously this woman needs some proffessional help, totally can’t stand her & won’t use ANY products she advertises. Plus she looks like a freaking horse.. 😉

Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara by Estée Lauder

The Estée Lauder mascara wand is a very long one with nylon bristles which spirally go around the wand and getting thinner at the top of the wand. The bristles are pretty far apart from each other (LIKE!)

I uttetly adore this mascara. It is perfection. It doesn’t clump, it doesn’t smell, it does exactly what I expect from a mascara. Whenever I put on other mascaras the dry out my lushes and I hate that feeling. This Estée Lauder mascara doesn’t dry them out at all, it keeps them fresh all day long, which is a huge plus! On New Year’s eve I put on my make up at about 6pm and my lashes still looked good when going to bed at 6am, I really liked that and have used it a lot since then 🙂

Lovely Doll Eyes Mascara by P2

The P2 mascara comes in a super cute silver tube with velvet lace appliques, love that design! It has the hugest wand I’ve ever seen in my entire life (omg “hugest wand I’ve ever seen” sounds so stupid hahaha). It actually looks like the Estée Lauder wand but it’s even vigger and more pointed to the top. The nylon bristles are further away from eachother than they are on other mascara wands.

I bought this mascara only to have a cheaper drugstore alternative to my Estée Lauder mascara, and because I was so spoied with that one I actually didn’t expect very much from it, but to my surprise it does awesome work! After using the P2 mascara I have huuuuge lashes which stay all day. Another plus for this mascara is that my lashes are super long and thick with it, almost like falsies 🙂

False Lashes

I actually don’t have a lot to say to those false lashes, I mean they’re great and everything and I love how the look but still they are nothing for me. I had a very hard time even putting them on and if I hear from other girls who use false lashes everyday I really have to give them all of my respect because I now know how hard it is to wear them 😉

But anyways, false lashes have an effect which no mascara in the whole world can recreate, but I just wouldn’t be able to wear them on a regular basis.

Well, sorry for that huge post I just wanted to show you all of the swatches 😉


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