DIY: sequin collar

Hi everyone:) got a new DIY project here: a sequin peter pan collar! hope you like it 🙂


You’ll need

piece of felt

sequin trim



ribbon (I used another one than pictured)

needle & thread (not pictured)

glue + sponge brush


Step 1

Fold your piece of felt in half and sketch one half of your collar on it. I just eyeballed it but if you wish you can download any template from the internet;) Then cut out the collar and unfold it.


Step 2

Dab your brush in the glue and brush it over the entire collar. Then in inwardly going circles press your sequin trim on the glue until the whole collar is covered in sequins. Let dry for at least an hour (better over night.)


Step 3

Cut two strips of ribbon in your desired length (just measure your neck to get the perfect length). Sew them on the back of the collar with a few stitches on each side.


That’s it 🙂 Hope you like it:)



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