DIY: glitter make up brushes

Though I’m not a make up expert or anything, I own a lot of different make up brushes. Unfortunately they’re all by different brands and I didn’t like how they didn’t match each other. That’s why I thought of a way to give them all the same look and that’s how I came up with my DIY glitter make up brushes idea. Hope you like it 😉


You’ll need

plastic bowl

Mod Podge + brush

make up brushes

loose glitter powder



Step 1

Start with taping off the areas of your make up brushes you don’t want to have any glitter on.


Step 2

Mix 2 parts Mod Podge with 1 part glitter powder in your bowl. Stir until it’s all nicely blended, don’t worry about the matte colour, the Mod Podge will turn transparent once dry.


Step 3

Brush one coat of your glitter / glue texture on the handle of your make up brush, repeat with your other brushes. Then let dry and repeat a few more times until nothing of the original handle shines trough anymore.


and voilà, your new make up brushes are done 🙂



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