DIY: tube scarf

Tube scarves aka circle scarves are a huge mast have each fall / winter. Every store is stocked up with awesome pieces of them, but still I thought why not create your own! 🙂 This is how I did it:

You’ll need

jersey fabric of your choice (mine was about 70cm x 200cm but the wider your fabric is, the bigger your scarf will turn out)

pins, thread in matching colour of your fabric

sewing machine or hand stitching

Step 1

Lay down your fabric, fold it in half (right sides INSIDE) and pin the open edge close.

Step 2

Run a zig zag stitch across the open edge of the fabric, leaving about 2 cm seam allowance from the pins. Then remove pins.

Step 3

Turn your scarf inside out so that the right sides now are on the outside and your seam on the inside. That’s it! You’re ready to wear your new scarf 🙂

Happy Friday 🙂


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