Product Review: KIKO Make Up fixer

A few weeks ago while randomly purchasing some new make up products at KIKO cosmetics I spotted their ”KIKO Make Up fixer”. At first I was all like “Wait… WHAT?? there is something like a make up fixer??”  I seriously have never heard of something like that before and was therefore positively surprised that in fact there IS something like it.

Being a girl running around 12 hours a day and not really having the time to fix up her make up every now and then this is the perfect product for me I thought which turned out to be true.

I’ve instantly bought the produt and have been trying the KIKO make up fixer for a couple of weeks now. Al I can say is: I’m obsessed!

The fixer comes in a 75ml spray bottle which is also perfect for quickly throwing it in the handbag.

You use it by applying your make up like you normally do and then, with about 20 cm distance from your face, spray it all over the make up.

What I love about this KIKO make up fixer is that I can put on my make up at 8am and when I come home at 8pm it is still on. Also I like that the spray’s ultra light texture freshens up my face which gives me a very nice feeling.

Soo my dear ladies, if you’re also tired of faded make up and blurred eyeliners seriously try the KIKO make up fixer, it’s just awesome! 🙂


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