DIY: Army inspired Sweater

A few days ago I posted this outfit where I wore an army inspired sweater I made, so now I’m giving you the how-to’s so you can easily recreate your own army sweatshirt.

You’ll need:

a sweatshirt, I found a olive coloured one on sale in some store and just bought it because it was so comfy, it was only later that I realized I wouldn’t wear it at all until it got some kind of makeover

some military inspired iron-on appliqués, I found mine in my local craft store

an iron and some piece of fabric or kitchen towel

Step 1:

Choose where you want your appliqués to sit, I put some on the front side of the sweater and my flag on the upper arm to imitate the army badge look.

Step 2:

Carefully lay down your sweater on your ironing board so that the badges won’t move. Then cover the badges with a kitchen towel and press your iron on it for about 30 seconds. If you have a steam iron turn off the steam, because it would keep the badges from adhering to your sweater.

Note: Your badges might come off at the edges after washing the sweater, if they do sew them back on with a few stitches!

I hope you liked it 🙂

*full outfit post here


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